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Image by Chris Boland
Image by Tom Def

More than 30 staff suspended from NHS hospital over allegations of falsifying records and harming patients

January 23rd 2024, The Independent

 Suspensions come after probe into ‘serious conduct allegations’ at Highbury Hospital in Nottinghamshire

UN expert condemns UK crackdown on environmental protest

January 23rd 2024, The Guardian

UN special rapporteur on environmental defenders says he is seriously concerned about ‘regressive new laws’

Chiapas violence: Hundreds flee cartel battles in southern Mexico

January 23rd 2024, BBC News

Hundreds of people have fled their homes in southern Mexico as rival cartels fight for control of routes used to smuggle drugs and migrants.

Why the Global South Supports Pretoria’s ICJ Genocide Case

January 17th 2024, Foreign Policy

Namibia and Bangladesh are the most vocal of many countries backing South Africa’s legal challenge to Israel.

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