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Oceans break heat records with grim implications

August 4th 2023, BBC News

The oceans have hit their hottest ever recorded temperature as they soak up warmth from climate change, with dire implications for our planet's health.

Sterilization of women and girls with disabilities

November 10th 2011, Human Rights Watch

Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro said that 118 soldiers are being investigated for the alleged sexual abuse of indigenous children in the south of the country.

Among those who are being investigated is an American soldier who has been accused of raping and impregnating a 10-year-old girl from San Jose del Guaviare, the capital of the Guaviare province, in 2019.

Israel-Palestine latest updates

October 12th 2023, Telegraph

The Telegraph provide the latest updates to the ongoing conflict.

How criminalisation is being used to silence climate activists across the world

October 12th 2023, The Guardian

Guardian investigation finds growing number of countries passing anti-protest laws as part of playbook of tactics to intimidate people peacefully raising the alarm

This list is regularly updated, so check back often for the latest headlines and press coverage I felt were interesting and current and wanted to share.

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