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Three Women
Cute  Beaglier

Horror and fury in Australia as epidemic of violence against women sweeps across the country

May 5th 2024, The Guardian

Anger and grief have erupted, with women demanding action from the government on what has become a national emergency

Camp Beagle claim major success in persuading energy supplier to end MBR Acres contract

July 8th 2024, Cambs News

Camp Beagle claim to have achieved a major success in persuading FloGas to end their energy supply contract to MBR Acres at Wyton near Huntingdon. 

London City
French Flags

July 5th 2024, BBC News

Sir Keir Starmer is the UK's new prime minister, after his Labour Party swept to power in a landslide general election victory.

In the French Countryside, a Deep Discontent Takes Root

July 6th 2024, The New York Times

In northern Burgundy, services have collapsed and the far-right National Rally has risen.

This list is regularly updated, so check back often for the latest headlines and press coverage I felt were interesting and current and wanted to share.

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