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Frozen Land

Code of Conduct

Here at MORE, while we try to better our world, we can't lose ourselves either. We have a strict code of conduct here to keep everyone safe.

Code of Conduct: Welcome

MORE Code of Conduct

No profanity

To ensure all of our members are comfortable, refrain from using any profanity, blasphemous language or offensive slurs.

Listen MORE

We all do a whole lot of talking these days but rarely do we take the time to listen- let's change that here. While we welcome everyones thoughts and ideas here, avoid conflict with someone else if your opinions differ. Remember: "We all have different opinions- the problem starts when we feel our opinion is worth more than what anyone else can say".

Be kind and respectful

Other than that, be kind, respectful! Treat others with the same kindness you'd wish to be undone to you. Explore the site as you choose, read different perspectives on issues, get involved and share ideas- from the latest climate news to your favourite recipes!

Code of Conduct: List
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