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Trees From Above

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naturally curious to live more, learn more and be more

There is so much going on around us, from positive shifts towards net zero, sustainability and equality, to social injustice, environmental degradation and species loss. At times, it can feel overwhelming, and this is where MORE comes in.

We aim to simplify some of the world's most current and complicated issues into short, readable articles that are accessible to a wide range of people, no matter your previous knowledge level. 


Scroll down to explore our featured blogs, which cover a wide range of topics to cater for everyone's interests, or click on our 'Groups' section to join n open discussion with likeminded people all looking to learn MORE. Find out more about what's going on in the wider world on our 'News' tab with our curated news highlights, refreshed weekly, or explore our Instagram to see what MORE we're getting up to.

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