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But not sure if this method is suitable in our case or not. I am open to any method as long as it works. Thank you. A: Here's a simplified version of the solution suggested by @gson: import numpy as np import imutils import os import glob def make_thumb(img, target_size=(128, 128)): # Get the first image from the list return img[0] # Iterate over all the images for img in img_list: # Blur the current image blur = img.blur(5) # Crop out the center region cropped = blur.crop((target_size[0] // 2, target_size[1] // 2)) # Copy the cropped region img = np.copy(cropped).astype('uint8') # Save the cropped image cv2.imwrite("cropped" + img.shape[0] + "_" + img.shape[1] + ".jpg", img) # Iterate over all the cropped images for img in cropped_list: cv2.imwrite("cropped_" + img.shape[0] + "_" + img.shape[1] + ".jpg", img) image_list = glob.glob(os.path.join('/home/shironos/Downloads/*.jpg')) img_list = [] for img in image_list: # Read the image img = cv2.imread(img) # Thumbnail make_thumb(img, (128, 128)) # Add the image to list img_list.append(img) # Image display cv2.imshow("Input", img_list[0])



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